Imami Shinkansen Tokyo – Echigo Yuzawa – Nagaoka – Mikaku night – Naoetsu – Itoigawa – Tokyo

The theme train journey part 2

○ The world’s fastest art appreciation GENBI SHINKANSEN
“GENBI SHINKANSEN (Imami Shinkansen)” is driving the Joetsu Shinkansen “Echigo Yuzawa ~ Niigata”! It is!
In this train, contemporary art which the attention artist produced for this train is exhibited in each vehicle, and sweets and Tsubamesanjo stuck to the local materials supervised by Mr. Izashimori of “romi-unie” A café that offers coffee supervised by the popular “Swallow coffee”, a kids room where you can touch directly with contemporary art, and a car window spread along the railway line, you can discover various charms.
Please try experiencing a unique direction of moving contemporary art while traveling on the Shinkansen. Activities of Shinkansen and Setsuki flower Weekend operations of the Imami Shinkansen and Setsuki flower For details, please contact JR East · Echigo Tokimeki Railway.
○ “Echigo Toki Meaki Resort Setsukashi Resort (Setsuketaka)” is a luxurious design suitable for the name of the resort. A spectacular view of the Sea of Japan that is sometimes rough, sometimes rich in blessings, magnificent mountain ranges of Myoko called Echigo Fuji. Through a large car window, the ocean and the mountain should be pressing with force.
For meals, prepare cuisine that sticks to local seasonal ingredients. Securing the largest domestic vision in the country and sticking to “Niigata” to the details of the interior will be able to meet new discoveries no matter how many times you ride. Love the beautiful scenery of the Jiyugoshi region where the four seasons are clear, please enjoy the meal using the local seasonal ingredients.

Train travel example

Tokyo 13.40 minutes departure (Joetsu Shinkansen) 15.00 minutes to Echigo Yuzawa arrival 15.00 minutes – Echigo Yuzawa 15.20 minutes (Shinkansen Shinkansen) 15.45 minutes to Nagaoka ~ Nagaoka 16.13 minutes (Yue no shukura) Mikaku night ~ Togo 9.25 minutes ~ Naotsu 9.44 minutes ~ Joetsu Myoko 10.00 arrival 10.19 minutes departure (Resort train Setsuki flower) ~ Itogawa river? Itoigawa 13.30 minutes arrival · Itoigawa 13.46 minutes departure (Hokuriku Shinkansen) ~ 15.52 minutes to Tokyo

11.24 minutes from Tokyo (Hokuriku Shinkansen) → Itoigawa arriving 13.29 minutes Climbing Itoigawa 14.10 minutes departure (Resort train Setsuki flower) → Naoetsu 14.46 minutes (resort train Setsuki flower) → 16.46 minutes Wear Joetsu Myoko 17. 25 minutes departure → 17.41 minutes to Uchimachi ~ Mikaku night → Togo-cho 10.18 minutes departure (Yoshino’s shukura) → Nagaoka 11.38 minutes Nagaoka departure 11.54 minutes (Iman Shinkansen) → Echigo Yuzawa Dai 12.20 Minutes · From Echigo Yuzawa 13.08 minutes (Joetsu Shinkansen) → arrive at Tokyo 14.28 minutes

※ When heading for hotel about Naoetsu 14.46 minutes above from Naoetsu 15.09 minutes departure ~ 15.22 minutes arriving at Ugo-cho ~ Hotel

In addition, time combinations such as Hokuetsu Express, Yue’s shukura, Hey Gotto etc. can be done.

As long as time permits, please come to the Niigata Joetsu region on weekends.

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