To prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, the rooftop charter outlook Jacuzzi will be closed until the end.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your cooperation.
Unohama hot springs Mikaku
Onsen resort where you can enjoy fresh sea food in the Sea of ​​Japan

【Official】Unohama hot springs Mikaku

【Information on measures against the new coronavirus]In order to prevent the new coronavirus, we ask not only employees but also visitors to measure body temperature, disinfect hands and fingers, and wear masks.Please show your ID at the time of admission according to the government's instructions.If you have any questions, please contact us.

●{Tonight Niigata Prefecture / Neighboring Prefecture Discount Information} There is still a usage limit.
Please make a reservation as soon as possible. We only accept phone reservations.
Target prefectures Niigata prefecture and 11 neighboring prefectures
(Accommodation period) From September 27, 2022 to October 10, 2022 check-out
(Target of use)
(Niigata prefecture Yamagata prefecture Fukushima prefecture Gunma prefecture Nagano prefecture Toyama prefecture Ishikawa prefecture Fukui prefecture Aichi prefecture Shizuoka prefecture Gifu prefecture Mie prefecture Residents)
(We will check your ID.)
Presentation of vaccine passport for new coronavirus
People in the prefecture (14 days after second vaccination) People in neighboring prefectures(14 days after the 3rd inoculation)
(Discount target) Accommodation price of 5,000 yen or more including tax per person per night
 If the discount amount is 5,000 yen or more and 9,999 yen or less including tax, 50% of the price will be discounted.
5,000 yen discount for 10,000 yen or more including tax
2,000 yen worth of regional coupons will be given to campaign users(Valid for 9 days)

●Nationwide travel support available from 11/11 to the end of December
 40% discount for accommodation charges under 12,500 yen including tax 12,500 yen or more
 Up to 5,000 yen discount on accommodation charges Shopping coupon 3,000 yen on weekdays, 1,000 yen on days before holidays 

●Please contact the hotel ☎025-534-2434 for inquiries regarding reservation discounts.(Reservations can only be made by phone) At that time, please tell us that you are using the Niigata Prefectural Discount Campaign.

■The rooftop jacuzzi will be closed during the corona measures period.

  • Please wait until the application for the GOTO campaign is resumed because the campaign is currently cancelled.

    If you make a reservation from the official website, please register yourself on STAY NAVI from the address on the reservation completion screen / reservation completion email.
    Just make a reservation from the official website, the discount will not be applied.
    ※If you make a mistake in STAYNAVI, you cannot use the discount, so please check carefully.When making a reservation by phone
    Please be sure to tell us when you make a reservation that you would like to take advantage of the discount on the Go To Travel Campaign.
    After completing the telephone reservation, we will make a proxy registration with STAY NAVI.
    At check-in, please confirm the details entered by the hotel on your behalf, and if there is no mistake, please sign the "Go To Travel Discount Application Confirmation Form".
  • Stores handling GOTO travel coupons

    This facility complies with the guidelines for hotel stores as a measure against corona.
    Search for new travel rules for more information.

    Regional common coupons are available as paper coupons.

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Unohama hot springs Mikaku


239 Kudohama, Ogata Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture

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Shinetsu Line Katamachi Station walk 10 minutes, Hokuhoku Line Saigata Station 10-minute Hokuhoku Line Saigata Station car, a 10-minute Hokuriku Expressway Kakizaki IC Joetsu direction vehicles

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